Janarthani Arumugam: Activism is personal

Published on 18 May 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

MERDEKA SPECIAL My Merdeka | EP 8 <br /> <br />Janarthani Arumugam: Activism is personal <br /> <br />Janarthani Arumugam, a former Kuala Langat local councilor shares with Malaysiakini what 53rd Merdeka means to her. <br /> <br />The feminist activist is currently pursuing her masters degree in gender studies at University of Malaya. <br /> <br />She is also the coordinator in Empower a non governmental organization and advocates the importance of women's participation in politics. <br /> <br />Jana often gives talks about the importance of women's participation in politics and actively conducts empowerment workshops for women in rural areas. <br /> <br />Jana strongly believes in democratic, equitable and diverse society. <br /> <br />By Indrani Kopal and Shufiyan Shukur

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