Gujarat Science City - Science City in Ahmedabad

Published on 18 May 2021 / In Science and Technology

<br />Science City in Ahmedabad is one of the most informative places to visit. <br /><br />Humans are connected with science and use science in their day to day life. Humans have evolved from apes to humans. Humans have adopted science and hence science is everywhere and nearly everything for a human being. Today’s human is addicted to science and scientific gadgets. <br /><br />But science is just not all about materialistic things and gadgets, it is more about understanding the universe, its functions, and its connection with the community.<br /><br />The Government of Gujarat has developed a science city at Ahmedabad. The main aim of this is to connect science with the community. The project covers around 107 hectares of land. It was developed in 1999. <br /><br />Why Visit Science City? Science is an integral part of our daily life. Our children should know about science. Here at Gujarat science city, you can explain your children about different aspects of science such as Human life and evaluation, our universe, how stars are formed and how star galaxy is created, how different fruits and vegetables grow on the tree and underground, how mines works, how the oil is prepared, the list goes on.<br /><br />When your child sees this then he will start thinking about it and will come up with more queries and questions. He will develop his interest in one of the fields and may become one of the great Indian scientists. <br /><br />Every child does not have an interest in a particular thing, we as a parent need to develop the interest in them, we have to nurture their thoughts and create interest and inspire them.<br /><br />#gujaratsciencecity #sciencecityahmedabad #placestovisitinahmedabad #bestplaceforkids<br />#placesforkidsinahmedabad<br />

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