Fernando Alvarez - Cry

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I feel i'm falling <br />drowning and crawling <br />in the dark haze of sadness <br />screaming and crying silently <br />there's no one near me <br />all alone and dying <br />breaking from the pain <br />bleeding again, another stain <br />there's nothing left <br />except you <br />I miss you <br />can u see me fading away? <br />take my hand and make me stay <br />time is running out, i'm becoming weaker <br />I want to cry, I want to get better <br />red tears prove my existence <br />silent rain pouring down in my head <br />u don't have to see me cry <br />u don't have to hear my words <br />u can hear a lot by just one look <br />in my glass eyes<br /><br />Fernando Alvarez<br /><br />http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/cry-3/

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