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Oouch!! Goosebumps
Belindahlynn Nampijja
4 Views · 1 year ago

trending video of life unexpected and narrow survival.

Child Abuse
Belindahlynn Nampijja
3 Views · 1 year ago

A woman was secretly recorded as she bitterly abused the poor child.
these acts are strongly condemned in society.

Open house design
Belindahlynn Nampijja
1,009 Views · 1 year ago

open houses are vert good for kids and also are good at saving... check out this kitchen, sitting and dinning room.....

The partition of Africa ?
Belindahlynn Nampijja
6 Views · 1 year ago

besides the wildlife and beautiful scenaries, Africa has more to life and that makes it want to be divided by either China, America and more countries...

Let's go to the beach
Belindahlynn Nampijja
8 Views · 1 year ago

life is short to be sad, have some fun some time..

Avoid talking on phone when charging
Belindahlynn Nampijja
2,908 Views · 1 year ago

just watch, the reason is embedded in the video.
avoid watching while charging it puts u to a high risk.

watch out

Silly chilly games of Africa
Belindahlynn Nampijja
2,669 Views · 1 year ago

the pain you get when it was fun😂😂

House  plan
Belindahlynn Nampijja
1,198 Views · 1 year ago

The house plan of your dream simple flat house

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